Friday, January 15, 2016

On Prophecy and David Bowie

I remain grateful to my past self for never giving up on trying to analyze the things I saw and heard during my harrowing January 2014 trip / vision quest / manic episode experience.

As some time has passed, there are some bits of those recollections that have started to feel prophetic. The amusing part is that they aren't at all the same bits that I thought were about the future at the time. Daniel Knauf has not become the showrunner of Doctor Who, for example. But here are some things I saw and heard that have eerie synchronicity with recent events. It's all very vague and subtle, but still worth sharing, I think.
  • I saw a storyline in which The Flash becomes the leader of the Linear Men. As far as I can recall, I had no knowledge of the now-successful Flash show that is now on television. I also didn't know the Linear Men haven't been part of DC continuity for quite a while; however, Rip Hunter (their nemesis) will be appearing on both Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.
  • While I was in prison, I saw myself being transferred to a floor of bears. That's "bear" in the sense of "gay man who's bigger and hairier than the stereotype". Specifically, bears who had some sort of ancient Greek philosopher's ethic about nonaggression and mutual support. I now work at an office where there is zero office politics that I can see, where tattoos and piercings and weird-colored hair are totally cool, and where most of the men are big and hairy. Most of them are also straight as far as I know, but still an interesting synchronicity.
  • And then there's the one that I noticed recently. During my time in Lancaster County Prison, I heard voices through the loudspeaker that didn't come from the guards' station. Some of these came from friends (in one case, a friend who was channeling / method acting other beings), but others came from a group calling itself the Space Jam Liars. This group consisted of the Looney Tunes (hence the Space Jam reference), Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare... and someone called Major Tom. This popped back into my head today because of David Bowie's recent passing, and the articles I found about his interest in various occult things. Spooky, no?
I do want to make it clear that I'm not making any definitive judgments about whether these little bits of madness were prophetic or just lucky guesses. (Or even if there's a difference between the two.) Certainly there was enough in the pages and pages of recollections I wrote down that some of it would apply to future events. But I'll be updating this post with any future synchronicities I notice from my time almost drowning in those waters where shamans like to swim.

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